Nozomu/Rin. Kazushige Kasakura

‘Time’ creates history, and the history brings up people.
The raison d'etre (basis) of AOI international is to learn from the history, practice ‘loyalty’, and fulfill our duties based on business courtesy.

We would like to introduce AOI International Representative Director Kazushige Kasakura's World of generous interests from keywords and collections.

Executive Director: Kazushige Kasakura
I would like to fulfil my duty, which is to live the way of life that according to circumstances but has the courtesy as foundation. Furthermore, I will never want to use my power for my own sake. To practice what I just mentioned, I carry through the ‘Loyalty’ in business and ‘Attentiveness’ in private.
I am not just a company owner who giving advises to my broad networks and friends in business and political communities, but I am also active as a member of “The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan”.
Now I am writing, “(temporary name) Make the winning team, the ultimate art of recruiting people/human resource management ” which will be published in Gentosha Literary Publication this December.
式会社AOIインターナショナル 代表取締役仕事人 華桜 和重
Education Background
■In Japan
[Undergraduate] Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Graduated from Department of Economics
at Tokyo University of Economics
■Study abroad in USA
Bridge Water University Graduate School MBA in Business Administration at the School of Business Administration
【Doctoral course】
Currently enrolled (Mainly studying with e-learning)
Business Experience (as of January 1, 2015)
■Super General Consultant at HR department and General Affairs
 (He was in charge of recruitment and system construction, and shareholders meeting for general affairs).
■Middle Class management at the Specialized Firm HR and Information Strategy Department
 (He was in charge of recruitment and personnel affairs, system, payroll, job placement, head hunting, and in-house system)
■HR at Tokyo Stock Exchange listed SI Solution Company and Chief of Information Strategy Department HR.
 (He took this position at the age of 28: recruitment and personnel affairs, system, payroll, job placement, information strategy design and management).
■Creative School HR and Department of New Business Development
 (Recruitment and personnel affairs, system, payroll, job placement, and new HR business development)
■Started AOI International Co., Ltd.

Protecting Historical and Cultural Heritage

Take a minute and grasp the present, review the past instead of looking into the future through history. Then, plan for the near future, mid future, and further. To complete this, serve the history without being influenced by ideology and keep in touch with history. Reflect this to business.

Partner Castles
・Nijo Castle (Kyoto) ※:Castle with the room of restoration of imperial rule filled with political matter.
・Kumamoto Castle (Kumamoto):Source of discovering the new appeal of Japanese castles.
・Nakatsu Castle (Ohita):The first castle of Kanbei Kuroda, the great strategist.
・Himeji Castle (Hyogo):A beautiful castle where they introduce the construction detail.
・Nagoya Castle (Aichi):Omotenashi bujodan is a group of performer who are extremely hospitable.
・Inuyama Castle (Gifu):It had been privately owned from the ancestor of a feudal lord until recently.
※:We were selected as 1 day castle owner.
 We took charge in December 1, 2012 as a castle owner.
 Certificate for 1 day Lord of the Nijo Castle.pdf
Donated Shrines
・Kameido Tenjin
・Itsukushima Shrine
Benefit>Justice? Justice>Benefit?
2 Major Methods I learned from History:
1.We can prosper thinner and permanently for benefit that is further away rather than going after the shallow benefit that is right in front of us.
2.Make a flow where we do our work for justice and benefit comes along at some point.
To do so, we cannot keep up with the mild content which respects the courtesy. It would not clarify unless it is a heavy content that shows the courtesy. Therefore, it is necessary to practice this while devoting ourselves to the history.

(Left) Nijo Castle, (Right) Nakatsu Castle
In this way, card is paid in the form called are provided, These are the proof of donation and support activity to the management group for the purpose of the the cultural heritage protection.

About Watch Collection

I think as for business, it is fundamental and universal to have the valuable knowledge, which is the feeling of time or in other words the feeling of speed. I focus on collecting wristwatches that are highly artistic or have original concept. I was motivated by the history of watch: wristwatches were started as articles for royal family and aristocrat.

About Glasses Collection

When you are talking to someone, the eyes are the first thing that you notice. The border and color of glasses that I am wearing will give other people different impressions, so I think glasses are an item that I change daily. Choosing different glasses to wear everyday is one of my enjoyments.

About Hot Spring Collection

I had many hot spring experiences in Japan by myself, but with the qualification of “Hot Spring Sommelier” I gain the chance to introduce specific hot spring. This qualification gives out advantages whenever I heard people reply to my introduction “It’s great that I learnt the correct way to get into hot spring.” “I became enjoying reading hot spring analysis table, because I can understand the quality and effect of the hot spring.”


‘Is it true that you are trying your best?’ Is this true?
I believe people all want to certain about what he tried made effort in a form that can be see. I believe that qualifications are true evidences just as facts are truth. The best way to face our company is not believe in me, but believe the same thing unrelentingly as what I am.


There are two types of ship license, normal and special. The existence of special is a mystery.

Actually, it is depends on whether the shape of the ship is like a normal ship or not. Jet skiing and water scooter are both belonging to the special group. I got two types of ship licenses now. My harbor is Yokohama Bayside Marina.

I drive the ship with my staffs in the 9th anniversary commemorate party.

There I often heard about the language culture of ships.

Attention! = To stop -> X
Attention! = To prepare for the next action -> O
This has been said as an old saying that was made by the mistakes of Japanese soldiers during World War II.

Rather than complete devotion to one side, it is important to have at least two directions of information so adjustment is possible.


Hot Spring Sommelier?
Is it Wine Sommelier? Normally.
Many people said this to me.

Many people have the misunderstanding that the job of Hot Spring Sommelier is to criticize hot spring severely. However, is a sommelier really meant to criticize? A sommelier is to promote and invite people according to the composition. In reality, Hot Spring Sommelier has to take a bath in the hot spring and then create an atmosphere for readers to want to take a bath in that hot spring. Hot spring analysis table is the evidence.

Where is a good Hot Spring? I have always been asked by this question. Moreover, which ramen place is good? Is another question that people asked me often.

However, what is the value if I introduce a person who likes miso ramen to a shoyu ramen place?

That is the same for hot springs.
Some people like hot springs that are thick.
Some people like hot springs that are refreshing.
There are infinite varieties of hot springs.
We cannot give perverse judgment that all hot springs are the same.

Rather than complete devotion to one side by information from one source, it is required to view things from at least two sources and then analyze -> mining the source.


You must say it wrong; don't you mean a “Wedding Planner”?
I was often been asked by this question.

No, I’m not wrong. I’m a “Divorce Planner”. The separation of married couples. Although alcohol is forbidden people still tends to go high. Compare with other nationality, Japanese people tends to like to distinct things. Thus, divorce ceremony has become important.

People from strangers united to become family together by wedding ceremony. People from family go back to become strangers by divorce ceremony. The community that formed from the attendance of wedding ceremony is a valuable treasure. However, when the couple that is the core of the community is separating; the existence of divorce ceremony is important. So even the couple has divorced, the community can still exist. At a glimpse divorce ceremony seems to give negative image, but in reality it is a constructive and positive ceremony. Rather than complete devotion to one side by penetrating insight, it is important to view things from both negative and positive point of views.